Desire Luzinda giving life to God, ready to settle

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Desire Luzinda needs no introduction. Who didn’t watch the eKitone video? For heaven’s sake who can dare risk walking Desire Luzinda to the church altar? She is indeed beautiful, but, the love scandals scare away the would be serious men.

Well, she says, past is past and she is now ready to change and settle.
In her own words, she agrees that it has not been an easy journey.
‘‘I can afford all the fun I desire. I can fly out on a whim. I can afford to buy from the best designer shops. But I would be a liar to say, it has been easy to get to this point. I have gone through it all, I wouldn’t wish for another girl to go through the same.’’ She wrote on her Facebook in October last year.

After, seeing it all, doing it all; remember the famous eKitone video?] , she is ready to settle, and give life to God. Her quest for fame has seen her from move from one man to another. And these are not your ordinary men.
‘ ‘I have spent half of lifetime years on effort to appear seductive and wearing the ‘sexy’ sheath. I traveled all around the globe and enjoyed the good exploration that comes with it. I have tasted the triumph and YES, the lows…. in the due course of that ‘sexy’ era. I achieved all I could. Life was so good than I ever imagined.’’ She said early this week,

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She added: The thrill drove me into a lot of mistakes as well. Terrible mistakes!
‘‘Today, I am already on the road of weaving a transformed-woman architecture. A peaceful woman. It is the best experience ever than the initial thrill. The other “sexy” era.

Giving life to God
Desire Luzinda who has been linked to several men says she is now ready to give her life to God
‘ ‘I am not in any regret to have chosen the new me that has shone positive light onto me and drew me near my God ‘’ she posted on Facebook .

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