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After weeks ago, we reported that 2015 Hippo Music awards best male artists and best song of the year artists, David Lutalo had recruited veteran Kadongo Kamu artists –Fred Ssebata into his group-The DaHares.

However, it is said, the former managing director of the defunct Matendo Promoted Singers, after working for about two weeks demanded that Lutalo allocates his at least 50 percent shares in the Hares company, a demand, Lutalo refused to honour.

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Just like an good CEO would do, Lutalo had to fire his grandfather, sorry his father in Music.

Fred Ssebatta started signing more that 30 years ago. He can best be described as the grandfather of music in Uganda, particularly Kadongo Kamu music.

On the other hand, David Lutalo, is young talented musician ho was born in September 1989 in Luwero. He does the Urban Kadongo Kamu genre of Music.

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