Data wars: Africell, Airtel, MTN; Which is the cheapest & most reliable network?

Internet photo
Internet photo
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The ensuing data wars can be very confusing and intriguing to the ordinary Ugandan. However, for the technologically savvy, it’s quite easy to unpack the different data offers by telecommunications companies and consequently tell who is duping the customers with misinformation.
As it is, there accusations that certain players are using unethical practices to discredit competitors and insiders say the concerns have reached the regulator- Uganda Communication Commission.

It is for this reason that we asked our Tech Geek to unpack for us some of the most used data bundles with the hope of shedding light on what is factual and what is fiction!

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Below are our finding which will surprise many bearing in mind the uproar in social media about the rates of some of the players!

For 10MB Data bundle – 24 hours

 MTN Airtel Africell
10MB 250 300 290

For Volume: 25MB

 MTN Airtel Africell
20MB 500 450
25MB 500 500

Daily data bundle (60MB)

 MTN Airtel Africell
50MB 1,000 1,000
60MB 1,000

NightShift bundle in Uganda

 MTN Airtel Africell
1GB 2,000 2,500 2,400

Our technology expert tells us that those fixated to social bundles will actually get more value from daily bundles which allow you access to the entire resources of the internet.

For the thorny issue of depletion of data, experts say that customer must learn to manage the use of their smart phones so that they can maximize on its ability.

For example, S/he advised that they should restrict background apps, disable auto downloads especially for Whatsapps, Facebook, Instagram and delete unused apps! All this minimizes on the risk of automatic depletion.

The final advise by our Tech Geek is to choose a network that meets your needs especially on reliability, speed and coverage so that you can maximize on your experience!

On reliability, speed and coverage, it would be perfect if you called a friend upcountry to ask which network in Uganda is best on these parameters.

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