Crime: Police embarks on installing 3,233 security Camera’s in Kampala

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Police spokesperson Emillian Kayima on Monday told a weekly news conference that The Uganda Police Force has kicked started a huge project, a brain child of president Museveni dubbed the National CCTV project.
Kayima said that the cameras would help in identifying lawbreakers in a bid to curb crimes in the country.

“On July 16, we started with laying fiber in Kampala Metropolitan and so far we have covered 20 kilometres of the planned 1300.In other towns and cities, municipalities and highways, we shall make use of the existing national back borne infrastructure done by the National information Technology Authority.” He said.
Kayima said, the first phase is expected to be completed in July 2019 which will include; networking all stations in the country, construction of the National Command center, installation of the 3,233 cameras in Kampala Metropolitan area and coverage of the 18 police divisions and 80 police stations in Kampala Metropolitan area.

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Following the murder of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi at his home in Kulambiro in March last year, President Museveni ordered for the procurement of CCTV cameras to beef up security in major towns and busy highways
The Police spokesperson revealed that a total of 5,552 cameras will be installed in various points countrywide.
“We shall have in total 5,552 cameras countrywide with Kampala Metropolitan taking 3,233 cameras on 1,248 sites,”Kayima said.

ASP Kayima also told the press that In October 2018, construction of the National Command Center is expected to kick off at Naguru, Police Headquarters. The center will be an ultra-modern facility that will house all security agencies with the Uganda Police being in lead.
This facility will also have the Automated Finger Print Information System (AFIS). Kayima revealed that all these will help to capture important data from all suspected criminals. It will go a long way to fight and defeat criminals.

He said In Kikandwa, Kakiri Division, Wakiso District police has a strategic piece of land, ‘ ‘we shall build an ICT research center. ‘’We look forward to build a robust team of ICT experts in the near future. With these initiatives, crime record management systems will greatly improve.This is a national project spear headed by the Uganda Police Force meant to greatly improve security by enhancing police capabilities to further fight crime. The program to build this robust CCTV project started on 16th, July 2018 and it is anticipated to cover the entire Kampala Metropolitan Area, Major town and cities, municipalities and High Ways’’ he said.

Kayima went on to list the expected benefits:
Crime prevention: The presence and use of CCTV helps a great deal in early detection and deterrence of crime. CCTV itself wards off potential criminal elements in many respects.
It will enhance the police capabilities in as far investigation, apprehending the right suspects and prosecuting them in courts of law is concerned.

It will greatly improve traffic management across the country. It translates into having smaller but more effective numbers of traffic officers on the road and it cuts down on complaints that emanate from corrupt tendencies.
It facilitates quick response from service providers especially the police in case of emergencies big or small.
Lastly, it will enhance development as we all know that peace and tranquility directs translates unto stability, work, higher levels of productivity and development.

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