COVID-19: Total cases rise to 116; Museveni says public transport will be opened soon

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The Ministry of Health on Saturday night confirmed two new COVID-19 cases in Uganda.
The new cases bring the total number of cases in the country to 116.
“The new cases are: 40-year-old Kenyan and 30-year-old Uganda truck drivers who arrived via Malaba and Mirama Hills point of entry respectively. Efforts to track them are underway,” the Ministry said.
“Efforts to track them are underway,” announced the Ministry.

Meanwhile, all 652 samples from the community tested negative for COVID-19.
A total of 2,565 samples were tested for COVID-19 on Saturday.
Out of 116 COVID-19 confirmed cases in Uganda, 56 are truck drivers. Out of the 56 truck drivers, 27 are Kenyans, 17 are from Tanzania, 09 are Ugandans, 01 Rwandan, 01 Burundian and 01 Eritrean.
On the issue of the increasing cases of infected truck drivers from neighboring countries, President Museveni said the movement of cargo would not be stopped, but that he had talked with the other East African leaders and the matter would be dealt with.

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Speaking at the second national prayer on Covid-19, held at State House, Entebbe on Saturday President Museveni said,
“We are in talks with His Excellency Kenyatta, His Excellency Salva Kiir, His Excellency Kagame and His Excellency Magufuli. We shall have a common position for these drivers to be tested where they are coming from-before they come.”
He added: Instead of testing them at the border, we want them to be tested from where they are coming from by the health teams, they will not only be Kenyans but by joint teams of the four countries- the health teams of South Sudan, DRC, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya together,
On calls to have the trucks stopped, President Yoweri Museveni reiterated that this would be suicidal. “Ugandans were saying ‘stop these truck drivers’ but the Bible says ‘be as wise as a serpent,’ you must be wise, because if you stop the trucks, how shall we survive?” the president asked.

The president also hit at opening public transport soon
“We have avoided situations like for those abroad because we used maximum restrictions. We must now slowly open by continuing to avoid the virus through using masks. We may soon resume public transport, but this will only work if we have masks on. If we fail to wear masks, we will have massive infections,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kenya’s coronavirus tally rose to 649 on Saturday, with the announcement of 28 more positive test results.
Health Chief Administrative Secretary Rashid Aman said 24 of the new patients were Kenyans and the rest foreigners from Tanzania.
the number of recoveries increased to 207 with the discharge of five more patients and that the death toll had risen to 30.

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