COVID-19: Malawi president declares 03 days national prayer & fasting as cases spike

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Malawi’s, newly-elected president, a former evangelical preacher, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera in a presidential proclamation issued on Wednesday called upon all ‘’ religiously–inclined citizens and residents ‘’ to join him in observing three days of fasting and prayer
The fasting and prayer starts today Thursday 16th July to Saturday 18th July 2020, against the spread and impact of the covid-19 pandemic

Malawi confirmed close to 2,000 cases including 40 deaths. Officials say more than 700 of these cases have come from abroad, while 1,000 others have originated locally.
The country with a population of about 21 million people, authorities have tested about 19,000 people in 39 testing centers.
The president asks that prayers be lifted up for the recovery of those infected and affected by the virus ad protection and substance of healthcare workers o the frontline of the fight, the protection and diligence of those who have not yet contracted the virus.

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This is the first time, Malawi authorities are seeking God’s protection against covid-19.
Late march, former , President Mutharika asked Malawians to pray in their homes as the country faces the threat of Covid-19, which has gripped the world.
*It has been the tradition as a God-fearing nation to combine human efforts with seeking intervention from God to rescue us whenever disaster strikes,” he said.
President Mutharika referred to the holy Bible and the Quran where the Almighty God reminds His people that He will hear their prayers, give them protection and heal their land.

Meanwhile, Catholic relief organizations in Malawi are bracing for the worst as COVID-19 infection rates spike across the country, worsened by escapes from quarantine centers and expats coming back home from hot spots.
Catholic Relief Services told NCR that demand for humanitarian and social aid is on the increase as the pandemic escalates

“The most imminent demand in Malawi at the moment is from the health facilities as health workers require training, personal protective equipment and functional control measures to be effective in preventing infections,” Julie Ideh, country representative for Catholic Relief Services in Malawi said.

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