COVID-19: don’t take advantage of the crisis for economic or political gain- Pope Francis

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Pope Francis has called on authorities not to exploit the covid-19 epidemic for personal gain

“We see that some, unfortunately, are looking to take advantage of the crisis for economic or political gain. ‘’He said before initiating his weekly catechesis,
‘‘Others try to divide and fuel conflict, and there are also people who remain indifferent to the suffering of others. ‘’

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He explained that the Christian response to this situation is ‘’love and to seek the common good.”
Pope Francis asked the politicians not to be motivated by personal interests, since this crisis can only be solved with everyone’s collaboration. The collaboration of everyone.
He added: Political enemies and opponents seem to be politically or socially disabled. They “appear” to be, but only God knows if they are or not.
During the audience, The 83-year-old pontiff called health a “common good” and reaffirmed that any vaccine against the novel coronavirus should be made available to all

‘‘We must love them, and we must dialogue. We must build this civilization of love, this political and social civilization of the unity of for all humanity.” He said
It recently emerged that an estimated $400 million in funds have gone missing in Kenya during the Covid-19 response. The story is not different many other Africa countries

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