Corruption: Museveni okays creation of tribunal to try leaders who under-declare wealth

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The Directorate for Ethics and Integrity in the Office of the President, has directed the Judicial Service Commission to recruit individuals to constitute a Leadership Code Tribunal that will go after leaders who, among other things, under-declare their actual wealth to the IGG office.

Tribunal will have five positions including the chairperson, deputy chairperson and three members.
October last year, president Museveni revealed that will Uganda will become more competitive, prosperous if ‘ ‘we fight corruption’’ the president made the remarks while commissioning the first phase of $620 million (about Ugx 2.3 trillion) Sukulu Comprehensive Industrial investment, in Tororo, eastern Uganda.

‘ ,,,,,,,,Finally it is for you Ugandans to wake up…… we need cities of factories and not cities of shops that trade in thread, salt, cooking oil. Therefore Uganda will become more competitive business wise. This is however if we fight corruption. You heard that there are flies (corruption officials) who hover over the submission of food. Those “ichucu ichucu’s” must be fumigated’’
He added: Uganda will undoubtedly become prosperous but I know we must fight corruption. Those engaged in corruption will be dealt with. They disturb investors like parasites. We are going to lock them up. It is a simple fight once we have evidence.

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In his New Year message, the president revealed that there is no way the NRM can fail to defeat corruption. ‘ ‘The NRA/UPDF promptly stopped extortion on road blocks, extra-judicial killings by the army, sectarianism, poaching of wildlife in the National Parks and the brutalizing of the wanainchi. Corruption is easy to defeat for the NRM’’ he said

Mr Museveni also recently created a new unit headed by Lt. Colonel Edith Nakalema.
the Unit has a 24 hours call centre where people can report bribery efforts, embezzlement, land evictions, crime, etc. The unit, then, contacts the Police, the IGG so that they handle the cases. They, then, help the IGG, the Police IGP, the Chief Justice to monitor the actions of their juniors and they also report to the president.

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