Coronavirus: Museveni wants Ugandans to stop using taxis, Buses

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President Yoweri Museveni in his third national address on Sunday evening called on Ugandans to where possible stop using public transport, as one other measure to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.
Museveni on Sunday afternoon in televised address at Nakasero State Lodge said public transportation means such as buses and commuter taxis were so far the remaining weak point for the spread of the virus.

With the virus now in the country as of Saturday night, the president urged citizens to stay home as a precautionary measure.
“Now, the only remaining thing is public transport. That’s what I’m still struggling with in my head. If you don’t have your private means of transport, don’t use public transport. Stay at home. Where are you going? I’m thinking of having temperature monitors at disembarkation and embarkation points of these public means of transport. I don’t want to ban them but I’m trying to discourage you (Ugandans) from using them,” Mr Museveni said

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The president also appealed to owners of public transport to put in place stringent measures to prevent those with the virus from boarding.
“Don’t allow anybody who has a flu or coughing on your vehicle. The Ministry of Health should also arrange for temperature monitors at some of these embarking and disembarking points.”
He discouraged shaking hands saying it could help prevent the spread of the pandemic that has confined over a billion people to their homes.

“No shaking of hands. I see you people knocking elbows; elbows for what! I have seen you and greeted you. Why do I need to knock your elbow? Those are idiotic things,” he said.
On night clubs and bars, the president ‘they are not workplaces. They are ad-hoc and anybody comes in and that’s where the danger is. Therefore, they should all be closed. Unlike offices where they know each and everyone who comes in and leaves”

“It (COVID-19 ) is NOT sexually transmitted. If you avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, you can easily defeat this virus. Please wash your hands with soap and water or use an alcohol based hand rub regularly, disinfect frequently touched surfaces,” Dr Diana Atwine, PS, Ministry of Health emphasized

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