Coca-Cola’s clean water project to benefit over 700 people

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Coca-Cola Beverages Africa in Uganda, through Century and Rwenzori Bottling Companies, has launched a collaboration with Nyonta Relief to provide increased access to safe water for vulnerable households in Ndeeba, in Kampala.

Supporting the project “Nyonta Tree for Life”, Coca-Cola Beverages Africa will supply 100 ‘Nyonta Kits’ to families in Ndeeba, which will give them clean drinking water for use in their households for drinking, cooking and other uses.
The Nyonta Kit uses gravity to purify over 100 LPD of any water from a fresh water source making it safe for human consumption. The contribution is valued at UGX33million

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Ivan Oboth, Sales Director of Century and Rwenzori Bottling Companies said the company support to the vulnerable communities in Ndeeba was underpinned by the belief that all people around the world deserved a chance to access safe water for life.
Explaining the project, Nyonta Relief Patron, Hon. Joyce Nabosa Ssebugwawo, said that In Uganda, it is estimated that 33 children die every day due to diarrhea from contaminated drinking water.

“That is why we launched the ‘Anti33’ campaign; to bring together people and organisations who feel the moral obligation to help reduce the number of children dying of preventable drinking water diseases,” she said.
Having access to clean drinking water is key to a healthy life. Additionally, availability of clean drinking water has the power to encourage gender equality, stable education for children in a home and income generation for mothers who will have ample time since sickness in a home is eliminated.

According to UNICEF, in Uganda it is estimated that 60% of the population has no access to potable water, leading to the death of 33 children every day.

The Ministry of Water and Environment in July this year presented Coca-Cola Beverages Africa with an award for Water Usage Efficiencies at the Mbarara Plant, after a sector audit covering 24 companies in Uganda.

The project will benefit 500-700 people in 100 households.

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