Climate change: China, top global emitter to go carbon-neutral by 2060

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Chinese President Xi Jinping says his country will aim to stop adding to the global warming problem by 2060.

He made remarks on Tuesday during his UN General Assembly address.
Spurred on by the devastation wrought by the coronavirus, Chinese President Xi Jinping said a “green revolution” was needed, in order to preserve and protect the environment.
Citing the Paris Agreement that he and former U.S. President Barack Obama helped forge in 2015, Xi said his country would raise its emissions reduction targets with “vigorous policies and measures.”

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“The Paris Agreement on climate change charts the course for the world to transition to green and low-carbon development.”

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Calling for all countries to honour the historic Paris Agreement, President Xi said China would increase its Nationally Determined Contributions by adopting new policies and measures.
“We aim to have CO2 emissions peak before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. We call on all countries to pursue innovative, coordinated, green and open development for all”.

He said multilateralism “with the UN at its core”, was essential, calling on all leading economies to “provide more global public goods, take up their due responsibilities and live up to people’s expectations.”
China released the equivalent of 10 billion tons of carbon dioxide, or CO2, into the atmosphere in 2018, according to the Global Carbon Project that tracks emissions worldwide. That was almost twice as much as the United States and three times as much as the European Union.

Several other major emitters have set earlier deadlines, with the EU aiming to be carbon neutral by 2050. Frans Timmermans, who leads the EU executive’s efforts on climate change, welcomed Xi’s announcement.

The largest polluting countries not on the list are the United States, India, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, South Africa, Turkey, Brazil and Australia.

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