Cathy Kusasira set to join Bebe Cool’s Gagamel

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The fall of Golden Production left the group members in a freewheel. Everyone seems to be planning for the next move.

Cathy Kusasira and Hinderman are reportedly planning to form a new band with the aid of a one-loaded Hajji. As this happened, Bebe Cool approached Cathy Kusasira and asked her whether it is possible for her to join Gagamel. Cathy Kusasira reportedly thought the advice of her colleague Hiderman.


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The three had a long discussion over the same at Serena Hotel last Friday.  The details of the meeting remain scanty. The plan is to perform every weekend and visit every corner of the country.


Their target is to transform the group into the most active in Uganda before December this year.


Accordingly, Bebe Cool will also rebrand his group. You’re asking yourself, which kind of branding? Details coming soon.


Talk about Tubonga Naawe Band or Yellow productions band.





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