Cabinet, Security and Permanent Secretaries RESHUFFLE expected sooner

President Museveni
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President Museveni’s popularity has never been at its lowest [as it is currently] in the history of National Resistance Movement- says a senior political and economic analysts
This claim is partially supported by a knowledgeable source who is close to the corridors of power ‘‘the president is fully aware of this and already working out a strategy’’
Sunday Monitor listed what it called Museveni’s problem list. These include: transition, unemployment, cost of living, economy, security, debt

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Shakeup expected sooner
Part of the strategy, analysts say, will be a shakeup in the cabinet, security forces and Permanent Secretaries.
‘‘There is total dysfunction of all sectors. One way to reclaim his glory is for the President to make drastic changes in nearly all sectors. And these changes are expected sooner than later’’ a knowledgeable source said over the weekend.

The president is said to be keeping his cards close to his chest. Unconfirmed sources say the ongoing vetting of new appointees is said to be done by his brother who is currently upcountry.
In his state of Nation address on Sunday, the president said he is currently not lacking experienced and educated people to serve.

Panic among the ministers
Some ministers are said to be in panic mode, unsure of their fate. There are 80 ministers in the government, 31 Cabinet Ministers and 41 Ministers of State
Some ministers are said to be in close touch with people handy to Centre of power. They are also closely following social media [the president has lately used social media to communicate, including announcing new appointments] for any news regarding looming cabinet reshuffle.
Some ministers have lately been very ‘active’ in media to defending government on alleged torture of MPs Bobi Wine and Francis Zaake, after keeping silent for a while. Analysts have described this strategy as one way of showing their loyalty to government.

Five ministers miss China trip
At least nine ministers were [according to knowledgeable sources] supposed to accompany the president during his recent visit to China.
However, last minute, five ministries were dropped and no reasons where given. Only four ministers accompanied the president: Hon. Sam Kuteesa, Attorney General William Byaruhanga, Hon. Monica Azuba Ntege and Hon. Matia Kasaijja.
This action reportedly threw the five ministers in panic, wondering if they are among those who might face the axe.
Insiders also reveal that the shakeup will not spare the NRM Secretariat. It is said the Secretariat has for long been depending on goodwill from good Ugandans-with no funding from the party. The party chairman is reportedly not happy with how Secretariat is being managed. The current leadership is likely to be shown the exit.

Sources also say, the Ministry of Finance is expected to see a ‘major surgery’.
It is said, the Minister of Finance Hon. Matia Kasaijja, State Minister for Finance and Planning David Bahati, Secretary for Treasury Keith Muhakanizi. Are likely to shown the exit.
Observer claim the economy has not been at its best since Hon. Kasaijja was appointed Finance Minister.
The worst perhaps is when the president was made to sign into law controversial taxes on mobile money and social media. President Museveni a few days later directed for the lowering of taxes on mobile money transactions from 1 percent to 0.5 percent
“The most important issue for every person is the economy – what is in your pocket – that is the most important thing” told Sunday Monitor.

Economists estimate that a developing economy needs to hold steady at around 6 per cent annual growth rate for long periods if it is to transform, but Uganda’s has been below that for almost a decade.
The projections are optimistic that the economy may grow at about 6 per cent this financial year, however. the International Monetary Fund estimates that in 2018, The IMF estimate is that Uganda will grow by 5.2 per cent and Burundi’s will grow by a paltry 0.14 per cent. Rwanda’s economy is projected to expand this year by 7.2 per cent, Tanzania by 6.4 per cent and Kenya by 5.4 per cent.

Analysts point to some ministers who may face axe. These include: Trade Minister Amelia Kyambadde, Information Minister Frank Tumwebaze [who has lately been so quite] Ethics Minister Fr. Simon Lokodo, Tourism Minister Ephraim Kamuntu. And Prime Minister among others.
By undertaking a shakeup, the president will be seeking confidence of the people and ‘perhaps Ugandans will give the president a second chance’’ says Kampala based senior political analyst.
He adds: the changes will redefine the government’s image and re-introduce sanity in the government.
Insiders also point out that the president in the shakeup is likely to look out for competent Ugandans as opposed to regarding and appointing loyal cadres.

Local media reports include some opposition learning members including FDC’s Abdul Katuntu, Kitgum Woman MP Betty Anwyar among others are likely to be in the next cabinet.
Unconfirmed sources have it that Former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi might also bounce back in the next cabinet, with claim that the talks have been ongoing for a while.

President assures
In his state of the address on Sunday evening, the president assured Ugandans that the country is unstoppable
‘‘Uganda has reached the take-off point. When I started the Uganda Manufacturers Association with the Late Mulwana, our membership used to be around 80 companies. The factories that we have in Uganda are now standing at 4,725. Only last week, before I left for China, I opened four new factories in one week: one for cement, one for electronic products and 2 for tea. Many factories are in the pipeline for opening. You will be hearing about them. Namanve Industrial Park already has 31 completed, 197 being constructed and 74 in plan for construction. New Industrial Parks are springing up: Kapeeka, Mbale, Tororo, Mbalala, Kaweweeta, Luzira, Jinja etc., etc. This is apart from so many individual factories – like the ones one sees along Gulu road. ‘’ he said.

He added: Uganda has never had such a good chance in the last 500 years. The agents of foreign interests and some internal reactionary groups may not see this. However, the people of Uganda see this clearly. That is why, recently, the NRM scored 90% victory in both the LCI elections and the Women Council elections if you include the NRM Independents. Big shock for the mendacious Opposition and its foreign backers.

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