Businessman demands 500m from Kasirye Gwanga for burning his tractor

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City businessman Dennis Wakabi Zimba has dragged Retired Brig Kasirye Gwanga to High Court in Kampala, demanding payment of Ugx. 500 million worth his tractor wheel loader Reg no. UAY 759T that he set ablaze at Lubowa in Makindye Division.

On August 12, 2017, Kasirye Gwanga burnt a grader he found at his daughter’s land in Lubowa on Entebbe Road.
Sources say, when the furious Brig Gwanga arrived at the contested land, he first came out of his car and entered it again. He came back with his gun which he cocked but returned it into the vehicle only to emerge towards the tractor with a jerrycan of fuel, sprinkled the fuel around the grader before setting it ablaze” the eyewitness said.

Dennis Wakabi Zimba claims he was hired by two men; Andrew Muwonge and Kassim Sserugo to grade land comprised in block 269 at Lubowa having identified themselves as the lawful owners.
Wakabi contends that Kasirye Gwanga’s malicious actions have costed him his lively hood because he was earning a daily income of Ugx. 500,000 from his tractor.

In the plaint , Wakabi decries Kasirye Gwanga’s arrogance of bragging and praising his malicious acts in the media.
“I burnt that tractor. Tell them. I am now hunting them. I am a bad hunter. Let them know,” Brig Gwanga told the Daily Monitor when contacted for a comment.

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