Bobi Wine’s brother-in-law tops 2016 Abu Dhabi Petroleum Masters Class

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Ghetto President, Bobi Wine wife Barbie Kyagulanyi is all smiles after her young brother, Baron Nuwamanya, graduated with a Masters in chemical engineering coming top of his class at The Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi.

The excited Barbie posted on social media :

See that guy on the left? He is the best Chemical engineer, The Petroleum institute of Abu Dhabi produced in 2016. Today, he gets to officially receive his Masters degree. What does he get to wear for grad? That ring! Yes! Personalized and unique.

I knew this my brother would take his long legs and full time smile to the UAE and bring home the best Mark in his class. Rubahamya Baron say NO to brain drain! We need those brains in our country.

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The drilling of our oil reserves just started. This nation needs young home grown products like you to bring the expertise. Don’t allow those guys hold you down.

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