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Today’s happening reminds us of a number of past things. To Barbie Itungo -Bobi Wine wife, today’s shocking sun reminded her of their alarming poverty a decade ago.

‘‘Looking at the scorching sun this morning reminds me of the ‘drought’ in my husband’s pocket 14 years ago. At one point, we were too broke to afford breakfast or even taxi fares from Kanyanya to Kamwokya. To get a meal, we had to open up an account of sorts at a restaurant in Kamwokya. The owner is such a good Mutooro man. He let us eat and my husband would pay whenever he got money’’ Barbie posted on social media.

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Barbie explained that they used to walk from their rented two room house in Kanyanya,through Bahai Temple,Kyebando and down to Kamwokya on a regular basis.

‘‘I am from a well to do family, but I chose not to cry to my relatives. During this time, we, had dreams and aspirations. He dreams big you know. As we walked through the dust and jumped those dirty trenches everyday,we talked. And indeed we found ourselves in Kamwokya somehow.’’
She reminded fans of Ghetto president and Ugandans at large how her husband dreamed to be a billionaire one day. Indeed,the dream came true. Today, Bobi Wine is indeed billionaire, he owns assets worth billions.

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Barbie explained that revealed that one time Bobi Wine told her how his music would never disappear from the surface of this earth. ‘‘He told me that he would build an empire and his name would never be forgotten.’’

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She went on: I later realised that such times were meant to prepare us for a later stage when we had a lot to eat and the best cars to drive. See, when you are waiting on God to take you to another level, you have to learn to be contented. Contented with what you have now.

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‘‘ God is letting you go through such times to prepare you for when you reach that goal you are working so hard to achieve. You know, if you have not gone through the training of being happy and contented with the little you have, you will never be happy even when you get rich.’’

Babribe urged Ugandans out there to be happy with the little they have as they continue dreaming big.

‘ ‘ Be patient in times of drought so that when it rains you will appreciate it more. Me and my husband have learnt to appreciate whatever comes our way. We are happy when we have a lot and when things seem to be tough. We have the ability to truly enjoy the hard times because we know we are being prepared for when things are better. Do not sit and feel sorry for yourself whenever things are difficult. The challenges you are facing today will be your fall back strength in future. Pray, believe,trust and be patient.’’

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