Bobi Wine; when I become President of Uganda, I will end gun rule, corruption

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Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has said that he has all it takes to be president of Uganda.
‘‘These people who are criticizing us for being young are forgetting they were our age when they were fighting against President Milton Obote (RIP)’’ Bobi Wine said on Wednesday.

‘We are “babies” but we are yet to surprise the ‘Jajjas’. We are telling [President] Museveni, that we are coming for that chair he is sitting in. I call upon all Ugandans to register as voters.’’ he said.
He added: President Museveni is our Obote, Actually, I think he is worse than Obote.

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The 36 year old singer turned politician made the remarks while appearing on NBS tv Morning Breeeze Show hosted by Simon Njala Kagwa
On the state of the country when People Power movement [pressure group he leads] takes over leadership of this country, Bobi Wine said
‘ ‘Ugandans will see the end of gun rule and coming into play of civilian rule, major end to corruption and a country that has people with equal opportunities.’’
Bobi Wine also revealed that initially their duty [ People Power] was to open the eyes of Ugandans. Many have gotten our point while some few have not.

‘‘We are now putting all communication into writing for those that have not yet understood us. You think we work without a strategy but we see the government shaking. We are not going to show you our tricks. Look at the results’’ he said.

He explained that People power is not just about Bobi Wine ‘ ‘It is everyone that believes in servant leadership. We have all these problems in the country because our leadership is not servant leadership.’’
‘‘I expected all this. I know people who have lived beyond this. Mandela for instance and even President Museveni. Those that have overcome are a constant reminder to us that we shall also overcome’’ he said.

Analysts speak out
In an interview with NTV on Sunday, political scientists and former Prime Minster of Uganda, Prof. Apolo Nsibambi said that despite the need of a successor, opposition forces like Bobi Wine have not done enough to effect their desired change.

‘ ‘I think he [Bobi Wine] wants power lacks the right methods to get him there. I think he wants power but he is not using the right methods. To achieve his ambitions he has to work closely with the existing political parties,” Prof. Nsimabai said.

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