Bobi Wine: We can only change Uganda if we stop seeing ourselves as small groupings of political parties, tribes, religion

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By Bobi Wine
The Uganda Young Democrats has organized a major Reunion this Wednesday 23rd May, 2018 at Makerere University Rugby Grounds. UYD was one of the earliest voices of change in this country. From its founding, its members- young men and women, advocated for true democracy. They warned the country of the troubles ahead, especially the militarization and monetization of our politics. Sometimes I tend to think they were way ahead of their time back then.

Well, many of them have since outgrown UYD and in fact others abandoned the cause and changed course. But I am very glad that within many of them, the spirit of Truth and Justice is so much alive and well. The younger breed have kept the fire burning.
I therefore feel very honored to be invited to their reunion, this time not just as a guest but as a comrade in the struggle for a better Uganda. I also look forward to speaking at the event. Everyone is invited and I encourage all my friends to come and be part of this.

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To those who wonder why I participate in activities of different political parties and groups, let me repeat what I have been saying. We shall change Uganda ONLY if we unite and stop seeing ourselves from the angle of our small groupings whether political parties, tribes, religions, etc. We must stop behaving like grasshoppers which fight amongst themselves in a bottle, when soon or later, they will all be fried and eaten.

What is at stake is the future of Uganda. Poverty, hunger, disease, unemployment and other outcomes of bad governance do not discriminate. They affect all. The huge loans government is taking and misusing will have to be paid by our children and grandchildren without distinction. If we understand this, we shall appreciate the value of unity and start building on the right foundation.

Therefore, to me, whoever is fighting for good governance and democracy in Uganda whether they belong to FDC, DP, JEEMA, PPP, NRM, etc is a friend and an ally. Whoever is fighting against good governance and the rule of law is an enemy to the interests of Uganda regardless of which party they are in. I thought it was important to clarify this and I will soon publish a detailed paper on the same.

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