Bobi Wine ‘violently’ arrested as supporters clashed with Police at Busabala

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Supporters of Bobi Wine on Monday clashed with police after authorities cancelled his Easter Music show at One Love Beach in Busabala.

Tension ensued after police blocked a procession led by Bobi Wine. The Police beat up people, used teargas to disperse people who were chanting anti-government songs.
After locking himself inside his vehicle, police reportedly broke the windows using pistol butts and a hammer and sprayed him with teargas to drag him out

After being dragged out the vehicle, Bobi Wine was then whisked away to a waiting black mobile police vehicle and driven away to an unknown destination.

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Yesterday, police issued a directive to police commanders to block the music concert, saying they couldn’t guarantee security for the many revelers who were expected at the concert. Bobi Wine accused police of playing ping-pong for more than a month ever since he wrote informing the institution about his intended concerts.

‘’ Police and the military blocked us from reaching Busabala for our press conference about police brutality, injustice and abuse of authority. A citizen cannot be allowed to access his private property. Museveni!!! They teargassed and beat our people. Many have been arrested. Pepper sprayed. They have been trying to break into our car to arrest me. Now they are clamping our car to drag us away. Stand firm. We shall overcome’’ Bobi Wine posted before he was arrested by Police.

Popular music events promoters Andrew Mukasa of Bajjo events and Abbey Musinguzi alias Abtex who are at center of organising Bobi Wine’s Kyarenga extra concerts were also arrested at the first police check- point at One Love Beach-Busabala and briefly detained in a police van before they were whisked away.

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