Bobi Wine turned down at President Museveni’s swearing in

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During the just concluded Presidential elections, while a couple of leading musicians openly supported President Museveni, the Ghetto president Bobi Wine, is said to have secretly supported President Museveni’s closest rival -Forum for Democratic Change’s Dr. Kizza Besigye. Bobi wine is said to have gone ahead to release two songs that some Ugandans think were anti-government.

On Thursday 12th May 2016, Bobi Wine is said to have been among the thousands of Ugandans who turned up to grace the highly successive swearing in of president Museveni at Kololo.

However, while most leading musicians in Uganda were invited to Kololo, Bobi Wine was not. Well, as a good Ugandan, Bobi wine decided to drop the ‘VIP status’ and went to Kololo minus the invitation card.

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At Kololo, It is said, the Ghetto president was refused to enter. Several pleas to let him in were futile. It is alleged that all musicians who attended the ceremony were given invitational cards; however, Bobi Wine did not get the card.

It is said, the authorities kept asking the Situka singer for his invitational card, which he could not produce.

He kept telling those manning the VIP gate that he is the Ghetto president and more so a Ugandan who is entitled to move freely anyway in Uganda.

Having failed to be part of the celebration, Bobi returned to Kamwokya for a ‘‘refreshment.’’ In tweet to Newz Post Bobi Public Relations manager noted: ‘ ‘The story you have about Bobi turning up for the Presidential Swearing In is not true. I was working with him in Kamwokya that day.”

In a related incident, Uganda Police picked four members of his Fire Base Crew. The four were picked up from Bobi wine’s recording studio in Kamwokya. Those who were picked up include: Red Aya, Dex, Wagi and the CEO of the Big Promotions.

The Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesman Patrick Onyango later noted that the four were arrested for smoking weed-Njaga.

One may wonder why now? It is said Bobi Wine and his group having been smoking weed for some time. This is a public secret.

There also were rumours that Bobi Wine was among those behind the illegal swearing in of Dr. Kizza Besigye as president of Uganda. A claim Bobi Wine denied vehemently.

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