Bobi Wine: the only Ugandan who has ever united a country from North to South, east to west?

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By Aldrine Nsubuga Snr

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If you are Team Bobi, the wine, celebrate this latest attempt at propaganda. This picture [ see picture] posted all over Electoral Commission headquarters is the final piece in our victory procession. It is the proof that Uganda and the world needed to see that Bobi is the 8th wonder of Uganda.

So ba ‘Charlie bange’ as Bobi calls us, share this picture 5000 times.

Why the 8th wonder?

1. They are now doing our campaigns. From day one, brand Bobi has been ‘ghetto boy.’ He took the ghetto to parliament and now, taken the ghetto to state house. This is his signature message. Our message. It’s been the face of his campaign.

2. What a powerful, ground shaking living testimony. One that everyone including children and grandparents must listen to otherwise they would think it was fairy tale. That a ghetto boy – under privileged, denied, enslaved, impoverished, ill mannered – rose from the gutters against all odds and became the darling of a nation and international community. The object of their love and adoration.

Wow…..if Bobi can, anyone can achieve their dreams. No longer can street kids be told that their lives are over, that they are cursed, that they are useless in society. No longer can the weak in society and less privileged be told that they don’t deserve to live. That street boy could be president one day. Treat all humans fairly. Never despise anyone. God raises the wretched of the earth to turn them into Kings! What a resounding story. It’s a full bible.

3. From Bobi Wine Naloo…as the pic puts it? To Bobi, the wine : who walks with a spring in his step and bounces as though he was walking on water, dressed resplendently in sharp suits. Liberated and now walking to freedom. You look at the difference between the pictures and once again you say ‘surely there’s a God’ this is a message of hope not despondency. It’s the kind of story that will make mothers, women cry. The story is so touching, you can’t hold your vote. Anyone can!

4. Bobi is here for the lowest in society. Every child, teenager or adult who is what Bobi once was, finally has someone to identify with. That they too are Ugandans who deserve policies to address their needs. They are not lesser Ugandans. Rich politicians dressed in splendour have always gone to them for votes to enrich them more. Now Ugandans have seen the difference. Give one of your own.

5. What does it take to be president of a country? This picture directly answers Hon. Mike Mukula. He recently questioned what an MDD boy was doing seeking the presidency of a nation. Well, it gets worse for him. His own camp has just presented more damning evidence that not only can an MDD graduate be president of a county, a ganja boy- ghetto boy- street boy CAN. Wowwwww!!! It’s a blow below the belt for Mike Mukula.

Give me a pilot, professor, doctor, diplomat, or any professional in Ugandan history who has ever had the public appeal and popularity of this ganja boy? Which Ugandan has ever united a country from North to South in the way this ganja boy has? Which professional’s popularity and charm has a sitting government ever attempted to halt without success like this ganja boy? And lastly, even Mike Mukula had to invoke his name to get into the news. Yes, the name of this ganja boy.

What next? Way forward.

Team Bobi, its game over. The moment they brought out this poster, I knew, its game over. This is Bobi’s entire campaign message in a single picture. He no longer needs to spend hours in a campaign venue. Go re-print millions of these posters and distribute them enmasse.

All we need is a combined poster of the ganja picture and the bouncing Bobi nga tuli kiliya.
One poster – with the words ” Uganda’s 8th wonder” nga ffe tulinda bululu.

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