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The Ghetto President, Bobi Wine has blocked Radio and Weasel from recording their upcoming album from his Kamwokya based studios. Radio and Weasel were part of the Tubonga Naawe artists.

Information has it that Mozey Radio and Weasel had gone to record their upcoming album from Bobi Wine Studio and had paid well in advance. They were recording three songs for a fee of Ugx. 06 million.

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When the news reached the ‘president’, he ordered that the recording be stopped. He also refunded the duo their money. According to sources, Bobi Wine reasoned that if the news gets to Ugandans, he too might be included on the boycott list.

He added that the public may misunderstand this and think that he is secretly supports Tubonga Naawe artists.

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Well, The Ghetto president is indeed a strategic man. He recently ‘Begged’ Besigye to denounce the music boycott, saying this will kill the industry. Now he is refusing to record music for fellow musicians. What a better way to kill the industry.

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