Bobi Wine: I didn’t see Idi Amin but I think Museveni is much worse than Idi Amin

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Experts from Bobi Wine Interview with Kenya’s Citizen TV

In Uganda when you speak up against President Museveni, you are up against UPDF, Police, SFC, and Bank of Uganda. When you speak up against him, you are up against all institutions.
People who host me [The media] get intimidated. The government doesn’t come out to announce that they are officially banning me from being hosted on radio or TV but whoever hosts me is treated like a rebel
President Museveni disrespected Ugandans by telling us bluntly that he is nobody’s servant. The people of Uganda are here to remind him that he is supposed to be a servant of the people; we are not supposed to fear him, he is supposed to fear us

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I didn’t see Idi Amin but I think President Museveni is much worse than Idi Amin
‘‘Is it worth it, what your family is going through?’’
Bobi wine: It is not about my family; what other country men are going thru is far much worse than what my family is going thru. The little I can do is to speak for them; I want to do it for as long as I can

“Freedom comes to those who fight not those who cry because the more you cry the more your people continue to die so rise and defend your rights”
There is no pleasure like dying and being buried home. Uganda is my home no matter where I go I will always go back to Uganda

I respect Museveni as a grandfather but he must know we are all equal under the law!!
I hated being called a politician because where I come from the word politician lost meaning; the word politician means lying and manipulating people
Whichever way it ends for Museveni his end is near. We want to talk to our president nicely, but if he insists on being stubborn, we intend to push him nicely

“I’m convinced that oppressed people cannot be oppressed forever, President Museveni was once not in power…”
No God is my security and the people of Uganda. I’m doing it my way, the Ghetto way.
I’m still working closely with Dr. Besigye and all other forces of change in Uganda

President Museveni was on the right course before he got consumed with the effects of absolute power. What we desire to see is a president that will not be scared to live in his country after he relinquishes power

For now there is nothing more to fear. I always feared for the worst and the worst has already happened. I fear growing old in a messed up country more than dying

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