Bobi Wine: I am hopeful Ugandans will one day liberate their country- It’s a matter of time

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By Bobi Wine

This week we saw the end to submissions in the Constitutional Petition filed at the Constitutional Court in respect to the age limit amendment which also purported to extend the term of the current Parliament by two years.

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Without going into the merits of the case so as not to violate the sub-judice rule let me give a few thoughts.
I want appreciate the lawyers who put up a spirited fight in the defense of our Constitution. Uganda watched you make a strong case for the resurrection of Article 102(b).
You will be remembered for the role you played in Mbale when the history of this country is written. Thank you for standing to be counted in this time of great moral conflict. All of us in our respective professions and roles whether small or big, we can make a contribution in this fight for freedom.

As the lawyer fights the battle in the courtroom, let the teacher teach about justice in the classroom. As the doctor fights against poor health conditions let the boda boda rider fight against exploitative taxes. Whatever we do, let each one of us use whatever tools we have to fight for a better country.
I must also commend the justices who overcame all fear and asked very hard but truthful questions. As we saw, some broke the barriers and pressed against those who were speaking blatant lies on oath.

As a student of law, I also learnt a moral lesson- everyone who abuses and violates the rights of citizens with impunity will one day have their day in court or in the dock. Each one will be asked to account for the atrocities committed against their own people.
This case is a big test for our judiciary. Ugandans have for long been failed by the Executive. They have been betrayed by their representatives who sit in the Legislature/Parliament. Many times they have also been let down by the Judiciary/Courts of Law. But as has always been said, courts are the last resort for the common man. Even when justice is denied once, twice or thrice, the common man still tries to knock on the temples of justice the fourth time.

Although most Ugandans lost confidence in all state institutions long ago, I have always reminded us that in every institution are men and women who love their country.

My prayer is that the five justices will appreciate the historical burden placed on their shoulders right now and put their country first.
But what if they do not?
What if the judiciary doesn’t rise to the occasion?

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We the people of Uganda are the court of last resort. I am as hopeful and I have always been that the people of Uganda shall one day liberate their country. It is only a matter of time.

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Bobi Wine aka Robert Kyagulanyi is the MP for Kyadondo East

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