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Afro-beat, Reggae and Dance-hall singer, Bobi Wine celebrates his 35th birthday. The ghetto president  was born on February 12, 1982.

As he celebrated his birthday, he sent you strong message to the youth.

The message in full.

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On a day like this I look back at life meditating where I’ve come from overly thankful for where I am and anticipating where I am going. It has been such a long rocky road that being alive today is a great privilege.

To think that God has not only preserved my life to this day but has blessed me with the ability to impact, influence and transform not only my life but lives of many other people; boys and girls, men and women, young and old.

Am thankful for the opportunity to make my humble contribution to this country that I call home.

Two years ago, I buried my father on my birthday, that was supposed to be the lowest point in my life.

Indeed it was but not only was it a low point. It was a turning point; a reminder that am supposed to have a purpose of living after which I will inevitably be laid to rest whether honourably or shamefully.

My birthdays have since then turned into a reminders that we are here for a purpose.

My wish today is of course a long life like anybody else.

My prayer to God is that he hides my weaknesses and magnifies my strengths.

I want those that look up to me to only learn the good side of me and ignore my weaknesses.

I want to play my role in the betterment of our country, continent and the world. Inspire the younger generation especially the ghetto youths to dream more and act more. And when my job is done, I will retire to my farm house, sit by the fire, Smoke my pipe as I roast maize with my grandchildren telling them stories and allow myself to grow old gracefully satisfied.

But as of now, happy birthday to me and all those we share it with.

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