Bobi Wine to Ugandans ‘‘be sure, sooner or later Museveni will be no more, it Now or never’’

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Presidential hopeful and Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine who is currently in Berlin, Germany for a conference on freedom of expression, has revealed that he is working with Gen. Mugisha Muntu to cause political change in Uganda.

‘‘General Mugisha Muntu is a very disciplined person and we are working very closely together. ‘’ Bobi Wine told DW
‘‘Our biggest problem in Uganda has been the disunity in the opposition that has been part of the factors that have propped up the regime for thirty three years. So yes, we’ve been discussing, not only with Gen. Muntu but, indeed with the DP and its president Nobert Mao. We were also having a conversation with Doctor Kizza Besigye. The majority of the forces of change are already agreeable to the idea of a coalition and working together, fronting one candidate for the presidency. Hopefully, we will soon or later be able to convince the FDC and Dr. Besigye to join us as well.’’ He said.

‘The major opposition we are encountering is the opposition’

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Bobi Wine also revealed that president Museveni would have gone yesterday if it was not for divisions within the opposition.
‘‘For now, the major opposition we are encountering is the opposition. We are not making it very easy for ourselves to overcome the oppression. some members of the opposition are only concerned about their positions and they’ll fine any composition that threatens their positions. That is not what we are looking at, we are looking at inclusiveness of all the people. That’s why we are throwing it back to the people and that’s why we are saying ‘people power is our power.’’’ He said.

Message to the youth
‘ ‘Be sure that sooner or later Museveni will be no more…..My rising was to give you confidence and your rising will give me further confidence and thereby we will all keep rising, so, this is your country. There’s no other time that has been there apart from this and we might not get another opportunity. So let’s seize this opportunity and transform our country. It’s now or never.’’

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