Bobi Wine: all my business partners have been ordered not to work with me

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Government is hitting back at President Yoweri Museveni’s [current main challenger] Bobi Wine by blocking his concerts and intimidating his business partners.

The Kyadondo East MP who recently declared his intentions to challenge president Museveni in 2021 presidential elections said on Thursday.
Bobi Wine, has rattled Museveni’s government with his growing support base since he joined politics two years ago.
The president delivered the angry reprimand while chairing an ordinary cabinet meeting on April 29 at State House Entebbe. The president reportedly asked his ministers why they had allowed an “ambitious young man” to roam free attacking him. He asked of what importance they have been to him “since this young boy became MP and later showed keen interest in running for president.”

Bobi Wine recently said Security forces have cancelled at least 124 planned concerts since he joined parliament in 2017.
“They are seeking to strangle me financially. All the music sound service providers, stage service providers, music promoters have been ordered not to work with me… the regime is trying to attack me from multiple fronts.” Bobi Wine told Reuters in an interview at his home in Magere.

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Police have cited non-compliance with public order management laws as justification for barring his music shows although supporters dismiss the explanation and see the crackdown as retribution for Wine’s political ambitions.
Meanwhile, Bobi Wine has cautioned supporters and wishers in Uganda and abroad against people who masquerade as People Power ambassadors to solicit funds in his name and in the name of the struggle.

‘ ‘I wish to clarify to all our people in Uganda and abroad, that People Power has not sent out anyone to solicit funds on it’s behalf, and for that matter has not received any money for that purpose. This is not to discourage people from financially supporting other comrades in the struggle, but let it be clear that such support is given to those individuals in their personal capacity and not in my name or that of People Power’’ Bobi Wine said on Sunday.
He added: We shall indeed need to be financially supported very soon, and when that time comes, the official channels will be communicated.

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