Birembo: where Museveni narrowly survived, the gunshots killed his body guard

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By Julius Mucunguzi
My visit to this heroes Monument in Birembo, a little hill in Kakumiro District, where President Museveni and his NRA soldiers fought a decisive battle against UNLA army on January 10th 1985.

Listening to the tales from the men who fought has been an important eye opener about the sacrifices they made and the importance of knowing our history.

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It also reminded me of another little hill I visited in the US in a place called Gettysburg, Pennsylvania as a young intern in the summer of 2000 where an almost similar battle was fought by Americans during the Civil War in 1863.

Both battles were turning points to the liberation struggles of both countries.

In Birembo, and on this exact spot [pictured] President Museveni narrowly survived being shelled by UNLA soldiers.. In fact, that man in yellow who is a curator of the place told us that gunshots killed Museveni’s body guard, as the son of Kaguta hid by a mutuba tree.

In Gettysburg, the victory against those who wanted to break away from the Union were defeated, preserving the US of A. Millions of Americans, young and old make annual pilgrimages to Gettysburg to connect with their history. We should do the same with Birembo and other places of our historical significance

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