Besigye, Muntu must talk; Uganda needs a united opposition to challenge Museveni – Winnie Byanyima

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Winnie Byanyima was responding to remarks Dr. Kizza Besigye made regarding the role of MPs in struggle to liberate the country.
Addressing press on Thursday in Mbarara, Besigye said the massive attention that the changes in Forum for Democratic Change attracted was slightly misguided, ‘‘because MPs play an insignificant role in realizing the opposition’s ultimate goal of regime change.’’

However, in a tweet on Saturday, Byanyima said MPs play critical role in deepening democracy and defending human rights
‘‘No! Parliament is an important platform where laws are made and public budgets are allocated. Our elected leaders have a critical role to play in deepening democracy and defending human rights.’ Byanyima said.
She added: Uganda needs a united, strong opposition to challenge NRM government. Dr. Kizza Besigye, Gen. Mugisha Muntu come together!

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Byanyima’s remarks come at a time when the disintegration of FDC is imminent.
Last Week FDC President Patrick Amuriat Oboi, made changes that saw Kasese Woman MP Winnie Kiiza dropped as Leader of Opposition, as well as several MPs who supported Gen. Muntu in last year’s FDC presidential elections.
Some Ugandans think Besigye could have influenced the changes, since some of his loyalists were among the appointees. He has vehemently denied.
The Arua Municipality by-election has already made the bad situation worse. The elections have divided the party with the former party president, Gen Mugisha Muntu, now backing Mr Kassiano Wadri, the former Terego MP, who defied the party to run as an independent candidate.

Gen Muntu, praised Mr Wadri “the preferred candidate in the race” and a man with “experience and love for the people.”
Gen Muntu is not the only FDC member who is not supporting party flag bearer. Paul Mwiru. The Jinja Municipality East MP, has also defied his party to back Wadri.
Asked whether supporting an independent candidate against the party flagbearer was not betrayal, Mwiru, who is also deputy FDC spokesperson, said: “I am not a stone, I have realized where light is. If those people want, they can withdraw their candidate because I cannot be behind a candidate who is just an escort in the race.” He told Daily Monitor.

FDC disintegration
Veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda says ‘‘My predictions have finally come true: Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) is breaking up: 22 out of its 36 members of parliament are quitting to form a new political party. And these 22 are the most enlightened individuals in FDC.

‘‘Initially they will present the party as a pressure group to avoid the requirement of returning to their constituencies to seek a new mandate. However one year to the 2021 elections they will launch the party and it has potential to become the second largest political party in parliament. It will be led by Mugisha Muntu.’’ Mwenda said on Saturday.

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