Besigye calls on Ugandans reject businesses owned by NRM MPs

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The opposition led by Kizza Besigye in response to parliament voting to lift presidential age limit, have launched people’s assembly. –a boycott that seeks to ‘economically, socially and politically’ the 317 MPs that voted in favour of removal. The boycott extends to those who support government.

President Museveni has described the NRM MPs who voted yes on controversial age limit bill as heroes. The president made revelation in his New Year message 2018
The four time presidential candidate, says non-violence strategy is deliberate: ‘’if you support the military junta in this country and we identify you, you will face the same wrath those MPs who betrayed this country face. We shall bring down the regime without throwing a stone’’

Besigye states that both security And the economy in Uganda are in trouble- both of which are required to be strong for a ‘military junta’ to remain, adding that ‘’President Museveni is a visitor to victims’’
Besigye revealed that the economy has collapsed formally. ‘‘Anybody who doesn’t see that is in deep slumber. The country can’t meet its needs now. The budget of this year is one that doesn’t function. The economy is in deep struggle. We project inflation to go high this year. They’ve started printing more money. They’ve no money.’’ He said.

Besigye called on the country to partake in the struggle which he refers to as a ‘scientific struggle- not an overnight struggle’
‘‘This is a scientific process. The regime today is at its lowest point. It has never happened and nobody has questioned themselves how it happened because it has been happening very slowly. Any junta relies on security. The security is dysfunctional today and that is why you have all these killings and nobody can respond to them. Museveni is now a visitor to victims’ ’Besigye told journalists in Kampala.

He added: We will keep them in an arena of not knowing how to deal with us. Every Ugandan has to do something every day to fail the regime. This campaign is not limited to those outside the regime. Security operatives suffer the most in this country. They work 24/7 and earn less. These soldiers should do what they can to disable what is happening. It’s legitimate to disable the regime we have in Uganda

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