Bebe Cool: My Wife earns better than host of shabby, malnourished local musicians

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Bebe Cool has said that his wife, Zuena Kirema is far off with her cake making business than a host of local artistes who perform for less than two million shillings.
It is not certain whom the Gagamel boss jibe is directed to, but, industry analysts say you can now think about the likes of; A Pass, Eddy Kenzo, Jose Chameleone, Bobi Wine and David Lutalo.

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‘‘Zuena’s wedding cakes cost from – four Million Uganda Shillings ( $1200) and above depending on size, number of tires, and how complicated it may be. Compare this business to a fading, shabby, malnourished local artist in Uganda going for 1.5m to 2m per gig.’’ The self-styled big size said.

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He added: At this moment cake business definitely makes more economic sense. Let me credit my wife for a job well done 2017. Despite the fact that you had baby Eman for nine months of 2017, you still made it top in this business.

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