Barbie Kyagulanyi : We have come from very far

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When we see celebrities enjoying life today, we forget that they perhaps went through tough times before reaching where they are today.
Fortunately, some of them are not afraid of sharing their past experience. One such is Barbie Kyagulanyi, wife to Ghetto president Bobi Wine.

She recently posted:
‘Growing up; the areas of Kisiizi, Rubaare, Ntungamo, Kyafora and sorroundings sub-counties had one bus as means of road transport. That single bus ferried people who lined up on the roadside very early in the wee hours of the morning (4am) to take them to Mbarara its final stop and back through the same route to Kisiizi.
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If the bus; known as CONSUMER; (which they say had a long round front) left you behind ( like it delayed and my mother gave birth to Bre Kagaa-dju in the comfort of our home), you had to wait the next day to go to school, hospital or shopping. Well, my aunties and cousins who I won’t tag in this post called my fore head “consumer”. I think my “consumer” hasn’t shrunk an inch and am still stuck with it to date.
Hope you learnt something. Go ahead and work hard.

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