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Our Reporter

“Don’t miss the powerful woman of God and get ready for your miracle with the great intercessor Prophet Shanitah Namuyimbwa”. Hoping that this will be Bad Black’s Church advert.

Otherwise Socialite, former convict, Prostitute Bad Black alias Shanitah Namuyimbwa is set to start a Pentecostal Church at his apartments in Bulenga.

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Information has it that self Proclaimed gospel singer Black will be using her burgled money to establish a gospel ministry and she will be looking forward to get sponsorships from government and abroad.

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While at liquid silk Black said that she has nowhere to invest her loot money apart from church business which is seemingly booming in Uganda

However, to our surprise, our sister black we beg you not to provoke God by starting a church in a witch haunted place- Bulenga.

It should be remembered that Bulenga is Homebase of Maama Fiina, the head of witchdoctors in Uganda.

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Here at Newz Post we think that Black can invest in bar business- because then you will attract more sinners and earn more money.

Otherwise, we wish you the best, but before taking up that decision read the last Chapter of Revelation.

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