As churches re-open, pastor Male warns Ugandans of very hungry ‘’wolves’’

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The leader of Arising for Christ, Pastor Moses Solomon has asked Ugandans to take extra care with their money ad properties otherwise the ‘wolves’ are eagerly waiting.
‘‘Hungry wolves are loosed.’’ The outspoken man of God cautioned the faithful.
Pastor male’s made the remarks hours after President Museveni Okayed the reporting of places of worship after almost six month of closure.

After six months of closure due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, President Museveni allowed reopening of places of worship with strict guidelines.
Mr. Museveni made the long-awaited pronouncement while addressing the nation at State House Nakasero on Sunday night.
‘’Places of worship opened, very hungry and ruthless wolves loosed. Sheep beware. After all, during the Covid-19 lock down, no one has been praying for you.’’ Pastor Male said.

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He added: At most, when sectors started being opened, the wolves ferociously complained, ‘See kikuubo congestion, how can they open it without opening us?? See the markets, the shops, roads, board, and taxis. Etc. We can keep social distance.
‘‘Did they care about you? ‘’ Pastor Male asked.
The Leader of the National Coalition against Homosexuality & Sexual Abuses in Uganda says that during lockdown, Many of what he calls wolves [read men of god] refurbished their businesses, built new structures as ‘ ‘sheep starve and desperately seeking for free food.’’

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‘‘Sheep beware, hungry ruthless wolves are loosed. They can easily devour you.’’ He remarked

A few months ago, some evangelical Christian leaders launched a campaign with the now universal ‘I Can’t Breathe’ to compel government to free religious gatherings but that was not enough to convince government to relax restrictions on religious assembly.

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