Are pastors mentally sound after years of shouting in prayer, dissatisfied families and Ministerial conspiracy?

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By Pastor Michael David Kyazze
Are pastors mentally sound after years of shouting in prayer?
Are these men of God safe after decades of sleepless nights, fasting -dry and long, betrayal, gossip and blackmail?

Are these men and women pretending daily to be well, keeping up appearances, trying to satisfy people exceptions, Nonstop preaching day and night without study?

With dissatisfied families, huge debts, ministerial conspiracy, I bet we have mental health challenges among many of our pastors.

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Who is Pastor Michael David Kyazze

Pastor Michael David Kyazze came to the full knowledge of Christ as Lord and Saviour at the age of 19 in 1981. His Pastoral Ministry began in 1995 as a young man.
A dynamic Teacher of the word of God, Pastor Michael focuses his Ministry on practical biblical teachings with emphasis on total deliverance and liberty in the Lord.

Pastor Michael is a Professional teacher from Kyambogo University, one of the respected institutions of learning in Uganda.

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He worked as a Teacher and Head Teacher in several national secondary schools before joining full time ministry.
He is the author of over four books on Deliverance which include; Taming The Beast, Rooted in Christ, From Backsliding to Restoration and Rustlings of the Mulberry Tree.

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He is also a sought after speaker at local and international Christian Conferences. He is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Omega International Ministries in Namasuba and pastors a congregation of over 2,500 people.
He is married to Christine and they are blessed with four lovely children; Jemima, Caleb, Nathan and Geraldine.

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  1. Pastors of Uganda are not preaching the GOD’S word according to the found in the bible, only they use JESUS Christ as a pass word so as to blackmail people’s minds in order to achiever their own goals,Because for the kingdom of GOD is not all about accumulating wealth,for the disciples of JESUS never accumulated wealth as opposed to the present so called men .these pastors of today after accumulating wealth even they forget GOD and put their minds on their riches because the says where your riches are is where your minds is
    so i peal to those pastors to repent and become new creatures in GOD’S sight.


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