Anne Kansiime: I’m now single, but not searching

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Queen of comedy Anne Kansiime, has let the cat out of the bag. She revealed on Saturday that, her relationship with Gerald Ojok (OJ) ended longtime. And to the men thinking this is good news, too bad.
The Ninja says she is now ‘‘in love with herself’’ taken together, she is single, but not searching ‘’
Tweeting from her Kansiime Backer, an holiday resort in Kabaale, Kubiryaba Anne Kansiime, popularly known as Kansiime revealed that as far as relationship are concerned, she has ‘gone on festival leave’’

Who opens your ‘server’ nowadays? Asked Paul Smirth, one of her more than one million Facebook fans ‘‘They are closed for the festive season.’’ the 30 year old Kansiime replied.
Kansiime married OJ in a traditional ceremony in 2014. Recently, that word spread like a wild fire that the two lover birds parted ways.
‘ ‘OJ and I are not together anymore. Reasons why are we are not are not for anyone else to know but the two of us.’’ Kansiime said in response to Robert Mugisha’s question: I got imfo on this platform that you deserted your home as a result of divorcing your husband dating a young Rwandese boy who leaves in Uganda.

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She added: I think living a happy life is a choice. You need to make a deliberate effort to live a happy and positive life. Chose to be happy and positive in all you do. The world will fall in line.
More ask about her love life

Ernest Mupenzi: Dear Kansime surely you are good. But really separated from your husband? if yes, worst choice on the decision taker since you choose the direction where there is no God.

Kansiime replied: How sure are you there was God in the union in the first place my ninja!? Let’s all respectful stay in our lane my brother.

Separated for good?

Priscilla Shilla: Anne, I wish you could get back with your husband. You people, made such a lovely couple. It made marriage seem so simple and nice to some of us. Anyway good at everything

‘‘Oh dear no worries, we will find happiness again for sure’’ Kansiime responded.

Nim Bentley: Listen Anne there is no perfect relationships even me myself talking this , we all have ups and downs but u dont have to do that to O.J this is a test of time where You have to realize the vows and the promises you made , so my humble request is you and OJ find a way and fix that broken piece of pie in your relationship because this news doesn’t make it right for a star like You, you should live an exemplery life life since we look unto you as our guardian angels, Ninja am not critical to your decision but at the same time am not happy at all am feeling for O.J, act alike a real ninja dear

Kansiime was quick to respond: ‘‘I am acting like a real ninja by loving myself.’’

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