Age Limit: What they said ‘’ we came with ideas, they came with guns’’ -Hon. Mwijukye

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Until around 2:00 P:M, when the deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, broke the news that there wouldn’t be debate on the presidential age limit motions, the Ugandans were on tenterhooks.
Below we bring you what the leaders said on the Age Limit bill. Read on.

Winnie Byanyima: 1966, Uganda Police sealed Parliament, MPs flown in from across country to pass ‘pidgeon-hole’ constitution on gun-point. Violence and war followed
Hon. Mwijukye: We come with ideas, they come with guns.
Minister Frank Tumwebaze: ‘We do not run the country on common sense, Constitution allows for amendments’
Hon. Evelyn Anite: “I have nothing to regret, my constitution, which I’m going to amend, tells me that the army will defend me. If there is a lacuna in the Constitution, it is our constitutional duty & mandate to remove that lacuna’’
Dr. Kizza Besigye: The aspiring candidate to be the second Life-President of Uganda will not get it! It starts today- join in to say NO!

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D. Speaker Jacob Oulanyah : When you alert security that there’s going to be war in Parliament, don’t be surprised when security takes interest and deploy.
Minister Nadduli on religious leaders: ‘ ‘ They are double dealers. Is there anyone among those religious leaders, who doesn’t go to President Museveni? Why don’t they refuse the cars that Museveni gives them? This is their chance to talk about politics, but they should not forget that Janan Luwum was killed. Therefore, things are not so easy,”
Norbert Mao : Listening to the ongoing cabinet press conference justifying lifting age limit I urge URA to propose a tax on stupidity!

Gen. Mugisha Muntu: President Museveni needs to understand that it’s those seeking to amend the constitution that threaten this country, NOT those protecting. There comes a time in each country’s existence, when the very heart and soul of the nation is at stake. That time is now
Don. Wanyama, President Press secretary: A Constitution must reflect a people’s will and aspirations at a particular time. If majority want it changed, it will be changed

Beti Kamya: Maybe we should ask the Catholic Church why they have popes that are over 70 years or ask the United States of America why Federal court judges in most states have no mandatory retirement age (except in the state of Vermont where the retirement age for federal judges is 90). Why is there no age limit for that most important office of president of the USA?
Morrison Rwakakamba: Citizenship and patriotism come before other loyalties, be it the party tribe and faith. I call upon everybody, in a peaceful way, to act by, say; writing to his/her member of parliament and express fears about the removal of age limits

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