Age limit: Maj. Kyaligonza warns Kayihura, Magyezi; You’re taking this country down a dangerous road

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Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza, a senior commander of the 1986 bush war, a member of Central Executive Committee and Uganda’s ambassador to Burundi has said that those plotting for removal of age limit are talking the country down a dangerous road.
He says legislating for one person however good they might be is not good, otherwise bad people might use the same avenues.
Speaking to Buganda Kingdom radio CBS 89.2 Prime news skit, Nze nga bwendaba, Monday morning hosted by Alex Nsubuga, Maj Gen Kyaligonza, who is also NRM vice chairman for western Uganda says president Museveni should listen to what people are saying.

He added: The president should stop pretending to be very busy. He should use this chance now when we still love him, not to give a chance to everyone to say he is tired.
Addressing the media recently at State House Entebbe on Uganda’s Giants Club Conservation and Tourism Investment Forum the president described the Age Limit debate as idle talk. ‘ ‘Those debating age limit, what are you debating? Who has brought that proposal? Don’t waste your time with people who don’t have what to do, I have heard them but I am busy with my work.’’ he said.
The former delegate to the Constituent Assembly, which drafted the 1995 constitution says some limitations clauses were deliberately written in the constitution. He said the limiting clauses in the Constitution were put because of Uganda’s history with dictators who planned on clinging on as presidents for life.

“We said instead of just pushing them out by force, let’s put in place mechanisms where it’s nature that will stop somebody from standing again. But now some people think what we did was for nothing,” Kyaligonza said.
He added: during the CA, the delegates spent about four days debating the age limit proposal with amendment after amendment.
On Magyezi’s bill, the Maj. Gen. Kyaligonza said: Magyezi has no magezi [intelligence]; why do you do things just to be seen? If you bring a proposal and it’s rejected, why don’t you withdraw it?
“If I was Magyezi, I would have used common sense to see that the issue I’m bringing is unpopular; you can’t sell it to your constituents.”
The controversial army officer says it was uncalled for the police and other security agencies to siege parliament.
“Kayihura was also wrong to deploy the way he deployed at parliament. It’s true there are times when you can deploy but in that situation, it was unnecessary.”

What senior citizens said about age limit

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Former prime minister Apolo Nsibambi,

‘ ‘Enough is enough, amending age limit not necessary. After 75 years your ability is very limited. Leading a country is such a complicated task for under-aged (below 35 years) or over-aged (above 75 years) persons.’’

Former vice president Gilbert Bukenya

“Enough is enough for Museveni When a person reaches 75 years he begins to experience mental retardation (dementia). Museveni must go. No amendments, no referendum. I advise NRM MPs to reject that proposal because it would be constitutionalizing dictatorship’’

Senior Presidential advisor John Nagenda

“Museveni should be thinking about his successor and getting ready for the afterlife. I’ve been disappointed by Cabinet members; they can’t speak against him; sometimes his wife is the opposition in cabinet. I know what happens as someone grows up. Do you want us to have a ‘Mugabe’ in this country?

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