Age limit crisis scaring away tourists, investors- government official

Uganda Investment Authority Executive Director
Uganda Investment Authority Executive Director
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A senior government official has revealed that Uganda’s economy is headed for tough times as a result of the ongoing age limit debate.
The official says, the current crisis is scaring away potential investors and tourists who would bring in the much needed foreign exchange.
Speaking to CBS radio, Ms Jolly Kamugira Kaguhangire, the Executive Director, Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) revealed that the recent fighting on the floor of parliament did not portray a good picture of Uganda in the international community particularly investors and tourists.

‘ ‘ The tourists who were planning to visit Uganda were scared. I heard from our colleague from another agency [Uganda Tourism Board] how they were affected. The tourists who had planned to visit Uganda had to reschedule’’ Ms Kamugira told CBS radio.
She added: this is not good for our economy. It is important our leaders to understand that we need to develop our country. They need to understand that whatever they do means a lot and has great impact on the development of our country.
Last week, The Uganda shilling slumped against the US dollar, getting to its weakest point in two years. The shilling shifted from its stable range of 3,600 and traded in the range of 3,645/3,655, for the first time in two years.

The last time the shilling breached the 3,650 mark was in the last quarter of 2015 on account of prolonged drought and upsurge of conflict in South Sudan, then Uganda’s biggest trading partner.
Ms Jolly Kamugira asked whoever is responsible for the current crisis going on in the country to think about Uganda’s future.
‘‘How we conduct ourselves is very important to our future. Even if we disagree. Let’s remember, we have a future. We have generation to come which we need to prepare for’’ she said.

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The UIA boss observed that peace is very important for development of Uganda. ‘‘I call upon Ugandans to maintain peace, fight for peace in a way that is not going to affect our future.’’

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