‘‘A sick, sleepy NRM MP is better than very active opposition MP’’ –Museveni tell Jinja voters

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President Museveni has asked people of Jinja East Constituency to vote for NRM’s Igeme Nabeta if they want to see real development is he area.
Eight candidates are seeking to represent the people of Jinja East Constituency in the 10th parliament. However the race is between Mwiru and Nabeta.

This is the fifth time the two are running against each other in Jinja East with the first being in 2006 elections. However many of the elections have been nullified by Courts of Law due to electoral malpractice.
‘‘I have never seen Paul Mwiru (FDC’s candidate) in any meeting and I’m the one in charge of money, now, how will I know what you’re suffering from?’’ the president told voters in Jinja on Tuesday.
‘‘I came here to introduce the candidate of NRM Igeme Nabeta so that you elect him, so that we help your area.’’ The president said

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The president added: Even if the NRM MP is sick and sleepy, he’s still better than an acting opposition MP who’s very active. He might be inactive in other things but if he seconds the issues of government, then he has contributed a brick to the peace of the country.
Mr. Museveni explained that Infrastructure is the foundation to our economy. Out of the 8 big roads in Busoga, the one’s which we’ve not yet started on are 3. Those who talk about things now know that 5 roads are either done or being done.

‘‘These people are misleading you instead of showing you the right path. They say they’re going to use magic to end poverty, but I don’t have all those. You people know me, I’m Museveni son of Kaguta, I don’t perform miracles, I just show people the way let no one lie to you that you’ll get something just by praying. There’s a proverb that says, ‘God helps those who help themselves,’ that’s what NRM is advising you.’’ He said.

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He urged the people of Busoga to make sure that what is theirs isn’t stolen ‘‘the councilors should bring what belongs to you, I can also work directly with youth groups here. Therefore, give me an MP who’ll remind me and follow up what we’ve agreed.’’

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