scientists develop a new shield against malaria

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Researchers have developed a new kind of mosquito net that could help reduce the spread of malaria in Africa especially in the areas around the Lake Victoria basin.

Unlike the old type where a person has to spread on top of the bed, the new model is to be fixed in the roof such that it is not removed whenever the person feels like.

This was revealed to a group of journalists on a press tour to Japan courtesy of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

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The new net is being developed at the Institute of Tropical Medicine at Nagasaki University, in Nagasaki Prefecture at the far west end of Japan.

“In one of our pilot studies in Kenya, we discovered people were using nets for fishing, sheltering chicken, covering grass-thatched huts and many more. This was because people were not seeing any value in having to tie the mosquito net every night as they went to sleep and it was burdening.

“I believe this is more convenient and I know people will embrace this when we finally complete our study. We are currently trying the effectiveness of the nets in Kenya and after everything is finalized, they will be ready for everyone.”

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