2021: ‘Kitatta will be out soon to terrorize ‘Opposition’ on behalf of NRM’’- Besigye

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The Court of Appeal on Friday reduced the jail term of former patron of Boda -Boda 2010, Abdullah Kitatta from eight years to three years.
The six-member court chaired by a civilian advocate, Elly Turyamubona sitting in Makindye, noted that the ten-year jail term handed to patron of notorious group was too harsh and excessive. They argued that the maximum punishment should have been handed to hardcore criminals, which wasn’t the case with Kitatta and Ngobi

This means that since Kitatta and his former bodyguard, Sowali Ngobi spent two years on remand, they now be in jail for one year, eight months and six days.
The two were found guilty for illegal possession of firearms and ammunition by the General Court Martial chaired by Lt. Gen Andrew Gutti in May 2019.

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The duo challenged the sentence that was handed to them in May last year, after being found guilty of illegally possessing firearms and ammunition.
On Friday court said that the Court Martial should have treated Kitatta and Ngobi as first offenders who should have been given a chance to reform and the fact that there was no evidence that the guns they were found with endangered lives of people.

In a tweet, FDC strongman and four time presidential candidate Kizza Besigye said Kitatta may be released soon for purpose.
‘ ‘The season is on; I won’t be surprised if Kitatta will be out soon for the purpose of doing exactly what he used to do for the NRM/Musevei Junta- terrorize “Opposition” supporters!’’ he tweeted
‘ ‘However, I pray a better Kitatta emerges from jail.’’ He added.

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