10 Uganda Startups selected among finalists for the Innovating Justice Challenge 2018

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After receiving over 400 applications for the Challenge, Innovating Justice Challenge last week announced the finalists of justice innovations and legaltech that have made it to the final round.
The HiiL Justice Accelerator is focused on finding and supporting innovations that create rights awareness, provide resolution of disputes and legal problems or improve efficiency and transparency in the existing legal system.”

The HiiL Justice Accelerator assessed these applications with five criteria in mind: impact, sustainability, scalability, uniqueness, and team. Additionally, HiiL involved external mentors to assess applications based on feasibility, social impact, and institutional roadblocks of their justice innovations.
Each innovation will be invited to a local pitch and training event in September. The Ugandan firms that made it the finals include:
• Bataka Court Model: Bataka Court Model BCM is a community based informal Justice Model, that provides an alternative justice mechanism to enhance access to justice for the poor.

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• Tunga Innovations Ltd: Tunga Innovations Ltd is an app that informs users about their employment rights. E.g leave days both annual and maternity, overtime rates and notice before resigning or being terminated.
• Yunga: Yunga is a local rescue digital network for neighbours, that allows them to communicate with each other in real time in case of attack.
• Via: Via is a conversational legal voice assistant, that utilizes artificial intelligence to give legal information on the go and recommends a lawyer thereafter.

• BitShelter: The BitShelter system is an interactive system that disseminates, shares, and displays legal information including images, video, text, and audio in real time.
• JusticeBot: JusticeBot is a chatbot that provides access to legal procedures information and services, to Ugandans in needs of legal service and justice.
• LegIT: LegIT is a self-service platform that enables micro, small and medium enterprises to generate legal documents conveniently, efficiently and affordably in three easy steps!

• Prison Officer Legal Empowerment (POLE) Model: POLE empowers prison communities and the poor with the law. It aims to be incorporated into the training curriculum of prisons.
• ZZIMBA GAMES: ZG is simplifying the justice ecosystem by simulating Ugandans experience through an entertaining card & board game, that mirrors their environment and subsequently empowers them.
• Muchomo Moments Ltd: Muchomo Moments Ltd uses videos to break down the law to the masses in relatable languages, through local video shacks.

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