Tamale Mirundi: Buganda Independence is a lazy talk

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By our reporter


While appearing on ABS television on “Omukulembeze We’nkya” show, outspoken political pundit and former Press secretary to the president, Joseph Tamale Mirindi called Buganda Independence a lazy talk.

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Tamale explained that Buganda can’t be an independent state within a state saying that it is literally impossible and not worth celebrating.


Mirundi whacked Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga for awakening the alleged Buganda independence celebration, calling it arrivalism in Uganda’s politics.While appearing on TOP Radio talk show hosted by Dustan Busulwa, Mirundi said: Mayiga is either a fool or just pretending.


Mirundi used satire to attack the kingdom premier saying: “that man with spectacles is misleading Baganda and a liar”.


Mirundi has in the past castigated Mengo policies and Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga’s Famous Ettofaali Project.


When Charles Peter Mayiga, was appointed Katiikiro a few years ago, the passionate Mayiga declared that his mission was to ensure that Buganda regains her past glory and one of his initiations was the Buganda Independence celebrations.


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