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The illustration of Bobi Wine depicting his new song Situka has become an emblem of sorts. It has been shared several times on social media.

The illustration of the self-proclaimed ghetto president showing him in torn outfits comes at times of deep-seated dissatisfaction coming from contested election results.

His yellow shirt is torn, so are his blue jacket and trousers.

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The illustration has Bobi Wine having broken the chains on his hands.

We await the song, but the title itself is rebellious or it calls upon people to rise up (situka).

The song must be more than entertainment, the social conscious artist in Bobi Wine has released this time round.

With the election period done and dusted, many people seem to think that Bobi Wine was the biggest winner because of the message he was preaching during the whole period. Some people said that it wasn’t until the election period that Bobi Wine won their hearts over because of his well thought and planned messaging. Not only did he prove to be a mentor to many, but also showed that we need more artists like him during a critical period.

While sharing it with his Social media fans on social media Bobi Wine said,

‘ ‘I always try to use music as my humble way of communication to uplift myself and my people.Ladies and gentlemen, i present to you ‪#‎SitukaTheSong,‬ adding, ‘I hope it communicates a message of inspiration and courage.’’

Indeed the told tale is all about evolution and the striking Blue color show and the torn yellow explains Uganda’s two rival political parties FDC and NRM

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