Prof. William Bazeyo: My Journey with Makerere University has come to an end

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By Prof William Bazeyo

My Journey with Makerere University which started August 1993 as a Lecturer ended on 31st December 2021.

It has been a very good ride will lots of achievements that I would never have got if it was not for Makerere University Leadership that gave me the opportunity to grow, excel and lead others.

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The other strongest pillar that made me what all of you see in me was my wife Alice Bazeyo (RIP) whom I today celebrate three years since she left us. She loved Makerere and wished we could change it to be like other internationally known Universities.

I did my best to make her dreams come true!!. In leadership positions I learnt that everyone is a leader once given opportunity and support. The “negative energy” that surrounds some is only solved by three things; “Patience, Silence and keeping the Focus”.

Research is indeed what I did with colleagues and I am happy I left a satisfied academician having excelled to my maximum. I sincerely thank all those that funded us BUT I quickly say Research is meaningful if you as a researcher show integrity, accountability (in small or big) and being a positive “CONTRIBUTION”.

I celebrate that I walked through the gates of Makerere as I left with my head up, proud to be called “A Contribution” despite all odds. I pray for those still in this journey of building Our University, do not tire or let down any opportunity. Remember not everyone loves Good things or Progress! Let no one stand in your way as long as what you are doing is beneficial to humanity. To those who supported me and encouraged me on this journey I will forever be grateful. To those I could have hurt, please accept my apologies as I never did anything intentionally except it could have been in line of duty.

To my family, the pride of my service to Makerere University belongs to you wholly. To Gallant Alumina, Makerere is 100 years let us together give back.

I leave a fulfilled Makererian for life!! Long live Makerere University.

10th January 2022

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