New Political party launched, wants Kagame named “KING” of Rwanda, wife Queen

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New political party ‘’Heritage Party” also known as ‘’Abanyamurage’’ has been launched in Rwanda.
The party seeks among others for Rwanda to become a monarchy state.
The founding of the took place on June 22, 2020. The man behind the party says that the registration process will be followed until it officially begins operating in Rwanda.

The party’s president Manirareba Herman wants Kagame to be the first king, followed by his son Ivan Cyomoro.
In May 2018, the little known politician from Kamonyi district wrote a letter to Parliament requesting that President Paul Kagame be reigned as King of Rwanda and his aide Jeanette Kagame as queen and that there after their eldest son Yvan Cyomoro succeed ‘King Kagame’ to the throne.
In a copy of the letter to the, Manirareba went on to explain that the reason for his request for Paul Kagame to be king

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‘’I want him to be king and Rwanda will be prosperous in everything because the Republic is a legacy of the saints and they are the ones who let Rwanda sow divisions, racism and encourage Rwandans to kill each other,”
Manirareba went on to say that he did not know any good of the Republic but that one of the results he saw was the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda
Manirareba’s Letter was delivered in May 2018, but only published early this year in the local media.

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