Money Vs Morals: Stanbic Bank CEO apologizes to Hon. Kibuule

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Early this week State Minister for Water resources, Hon. Ronald Kibuule reportedly beat-up a security guard attached to Stanbic Bank Mukono branch.

According to sources, the incident stemmed from a disagreement between Mr. Kibuule and Ms Obuku, a private security guard manning the bank’s main entrance over a search.

It is said, the minister wanted to access the bank premises without going through the required security checks of anyone who enters the bank hall.

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According to Franco Sande, the Ms Obuku supervisor, Hon. Kibuule arrived at the bank and wanted to access the bank premises without going through the security checks.

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Mr. Kibuule reportedly told the guard that he is a minister and couldn’t be searched. The guard stood her ground that he will not enter the bank without fulfilling the bank standards.

The angry Kibuule then reportedly grabbed the guard and beat her up before flinging her away.

In a twist of events, Stanbic Bank CEO Patrick Mwehiere has written to Hon. Patrick Kibuule apologizing over the ‘embarrassment and inconvenience’ he might have gone through.

In a letter dated 26th August 2016, and signed by Mr. Mwehiere, the CEO wrote:

‘ ‘ I wish to covey mu sincere apologizes for the inconveniences and embarrassment the incident might have caused you. The private security guard in the incident is not a Stanbic Bank employee. We have communicated to the private security company to remedy the problem going forward’’

‘‘ I wish to thank you for your continued support and reassure you that we shall continue serving you with high standards you expect of Stanbic Bank’’

Ugandans react

The Stanbic Bank CEO letter did not go well with a section Ugandans who thought, Hon. Kibuule’s actions were uncalled for.

Ugandans took to social media to condemn the Stanbic bank reaction.


@agabad To the CEO, Kibuule’s account is more important than the security guards rights.

‏@ThaddeoKasaija : It’s Money Vs Morals. It’s so absurd

‏@tolokwa We were all born naked and those in power should use their positions to abuse others and then seek apology. Shame!!

‏@witosg Sets a precedence that some people can do whatever they want to Stanbic Bank staff and get a standing ovation

‏@Yunusmb No more checking of clients then. This sets a precedent

‏@EOthini Stanbic telling us it’s okay 4 their clients to assault a guard at their premises?

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