Ugandan woman caught on camera having it with a CITY MAYOR IN SOUTH AFRICA

Embattled mayor, Stevens Mokgalapa and Susan Senkubuge getting Cozy
Embattled mayor, Stevens Mokgalapa and Susan Senkubuge getting Cozy
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A Ugandan woman Susan Senkubuge, who has been serving on a city council in the South African Capital Pretoria has resigned after it emerged that she had sex with the city mayor, Stevens Mokgalapa in her office.

The former Tshwane Metro Municipality Roads and Transport , Senkubuge resigned as both a PR Councillor and MMC on Friday after she landed in hot water over the release of a sex audio recording which purported to show her and Mokgalapa having sex in her council office.

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The sex tape row has taken a new twist, with questions being asked about Senkubuge’s nationality when she ran for the position as a councillor.
Dr Pieter Groenewald, the FF Plus leader, said: “According to media reports, Ms Shiela Senkubuge, a member of the Mayoral Committee in the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, was elected as a proportional councillor for the Democratic Alliance in 2016 even though she was not even a South African citizen at the time of her election.
Senkubuge was allegedly a Ugandan citizen until recently.

In her four-page resignation letter, Senkubuge said: “In light of recent events, and despite many successes, it has become clear that that attempts to vilify me are taking focus away from the purpose of my role in the office”.

Mokgalapa, told the media earlier in the week that the sex audio recording had been tampered with to make it sound as if they had been having an affair.
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in the other news: NRM gov’t will handover power, we w’d rather go back to the bush. – Col Bantariza,

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