Somalia: Court sentences man to 18 months over a Facebook post that referred to the president as “local,”

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By Guleid Ahmed Jama
Somali: A Judge at Hargeisa regional court on Monday sentenced Mohamed Kayse Mohamoud to 18 months in prison over “offending the honour of the President,” according to the presiding judge who declared his verdict on monday morning.

The charge is related to a Facebook post saying the “president is a local,” according to the charge sheet seen by Human Rights Centre.
The judge said the post is offending the president by calling him a “local” while “the president is a national president,” the judge said in his judgment. Human Rights Centre attended the hearing in which the judgment was pronounced by the judge.

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Mohamed Kayse was arrested on 7th February. He has been in detention since then.
Yesterday, the regional court in Hargeisa has sentenced Naema Ahmed Ibrahim to three years in prison over charges related to statements she allegedly made in Mogadishu.

According to the charge sheet, these statements are “insult and defamation against the state.”
The court said it “found her of Bringing the Nation or the State into Contempt (article 219(2) of the Penal Code).” The charge is related to statements which the prosecution said is against ‘the separation of the Republic of Somaliland,” and calling Somaliland a “region”.

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